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Do you have questions about our airbrush tattoos, temporary tattoo designs, paint, or equipment? Find your answers below.

Do you have questions about billing and order process? Find your answers below.

What is the future of temporary airbrush tattoo industry?
Airbrush Temporary Tattoos – now a multimillion dollar industry is still in a mature stage and there are no signs of slowing down.
For years European Body Art™ has been defining the temporary airbrush body art industry thanks to its innovative ideas and continuing product development. We also contribute our success to our affiliate airbrush tattoo artists and customers who always bring new ideas and concepts to our attention.

Airbrush Tattoos are becoming a part of people’s personal care and individuality.
There are many variables that make airbrush temporary tattoos a desired attraction: realistic look, personalized experience, painless temporary experience, expression of people’s individuality and wide range of customer appeal. However most importantly it is the profitability of businesses operating airbrush tattoos locations that keep shaping and growing the airbrush tattoo industry……European Body Art™ airbrush tattoos cost less then a dollar and retail on average for $10.00.

Are you a business or an individual thinking about starting an airbrush temporary tattoo operation?
Whether you are looking for a portable airbrush tattoo system, system for permanent location or a small airbrush tattoo kit EBA can help you. European Body Art™ carries a full line of systems for any budget or location. We also specialize in custom airbrush tattoo systems where you can build you own system to fit your needs.

How do I select the right system?
European Body Art™ will work with you step by step to provide you with the right tools to start a successful airbrush temporary tattoo business. The following information will show you some of the steps we take when helping our customers to choose the right airbrush tattoo system.
1. Free initial business consultation followed by business planning.
2. Selection of the right Airbrush tattoo products or complete airbrush body art system to fit your business.
3. Competitive prices on all airbrush body art products and equipment.
4. Comprehensive airbrush body art training.
5. Manufacturer warranty on all equipment.
6. Continuous support of your airbrush body art business.
For more information contact our customer service at 1800 991 4322.

What is your potential with EBA Turnkey Airbrush Tattoo Systems?

  • EBA operates 8 nationwide and one international retail airbrush tattoo locations where we average $30,000/MONTH using the same turnkey systems that we offer to you.

  • Many of our satisfied customers collect $60,000 in their first year operating only one of our airbrush tattoo systems.

  • Street festivals or fairs with 50,000 people or more average: $1,000-$1500/DAY

  • Amusement Parks with daily attendance of 5,000 average: $2,000/DAY

  • Beauty/Tanning salons average: $5,000/MONTH
  • What is your incurred cost of one EBA Airbrush Tattoo?

    $0.14 per tattoo (Premium stencils)
    $1.05 per tattoo (LamTac stencils)

    How much do you charge for one EBA Airbrush Tattoo?

    Each airbrush tattoo costs about $10 on average (varies in different market)

    What is your potential in one hour/day of operation?

    $300/HOUR $2,400/DAY (with 8 hours of operation).

    How long do the tattoos last?

    The temporary tattoos last on average 2-7 days depending on your skin type and where you put your tattoo. Legs, in general, last the longest, then arms, then back, and then chest/stomach. Oily skin will cause the tattoo to come off faster than normal skin. Furthermore, if your customer loves to wear tight clothing, it is not recommended that the tattoo be placed directly under that. Also, wet clothing will just wear off the tattoo. If your customer is wearing a wet t-shirt or bathing suit, for example, avoid placing the tattoo directly under their wet clothing.

    Are the tattoos waterproof?

    Yes, our temporary airbrush tattoos are waterproof, however you must take care of them.

    How do you take care of them?

    You can purchase EBA's pre-made instruction cards or make your own. But I would hand them out to every single customer.

    • do not rub or scrub tattoo, pat or air dry tattooed area
    • powder after bathing and before sleeping
    • keep tight fitting clothing from rubbing on tattoo
    • do not apply any oils or lotions on tattoo
    • do not shave over tattoo

    How long does it take to spray one EBA Airbrush Tattoo?

    2 minutes on average (this is the average spraying time of our fully trained EBA employee).

    How long before they are dry?

    They are dry immediately.

    How do you take them off?

    Rubbing alcohol or oil. Rubbing alcohol takes them off immediately.

    Is this a Henna?

    No! Henna is an ink that stains your skin. EBA airbrush airbrush tattoos do not stain your skin; they sit on top of your skin and can be removed immediately.

    Is it safe?

    The body paints are made with all FDA approved non-toxic ingredients. Alcohol is the most possibly irritating ingredient although we have NEVER even heard of any problems with any of our tattoos. Do not spray the ink into the eyes and avoid the face.

    Is there an airbrush tattoo paint that would last 2 weeks or longer?

    Although there are companies claiming that their body paints last 14 days or more do not get confused by these statements. People’s skin goes through an exfoliation cycle every week. As a result any airbrush tattoo paint will start coming off within a week with the old layer of the skin.
    EBA exclusive ProEndura clear coat in combination with EBA EnduraColor body paint will provide you with maximum results by adding an extra sealant to the airbrush tattoo and thus slowing down skin exfoliation process.

    FYI: Only body paints that dye different layers of skin will provide you with longer lasting results (such as Henna). Unfortunately, these paints are not applicable by an airbrush.

    Diluted paints vs. Undiluted?

    We will let you decide: Diluted paints will always guarantee the same quality from one bottle to another and thus you will get the same consistency of your airbrush tattoos.

    The quality of undiluted paints will vary greatly depending on how much alcohol you will add. A tiny difference in added alcohol can make a huge difference in the quality of your paint. Also adding regular rubbing alcohol to your paint will not guarantee the same quality as a special alcohol added by chemists.
    Undiluted paints are less expensive to produce thus they save a great deal to manufacturers.


    I'm not comfortable buying online. Can I buy from EBA in a different way?
    We want your shopping experience to be easy and comfortable, so if you prefer not to order an item online, call us directly to place an order. Just select the item(s) you wish to purchase and give us a call at 1-800-991-4322.

    Was my online order placed?
    If you did not receive an order confirmation page and/or confirmation email, then your order did not go through.
    Please review the following information when placing your order:
    - Billing address matches the card being used
    - Name is entered as it appears on the card
    - Credit/debit card is valid and has not expired
    - APO/FPO address isn't marked as PO Box
    - Punctuation and spelling is correct (email address etc.)

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or American Expresss. You may also use check cards or debit cards, as long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above. We accept personal checks, or cash when you choose to pick up at our EBA location.

    Why was my credit/debit card charged multiple times?
    If you pay for your order with a credit/debit card, your account will show two entries at the same time, an authorization and the final sale. The authorization hold will fall off within 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday excluding holidays), depending on your bank's policies. This hold allows us to verify that funds are available, so that we can begin processing your order. Unfortunately, with a debit card, the pre-authorization hold and final charge aren't combined into one single transaction.
    The actual length of the hold is determined by your bank and is outside of our control. However, most holds are released within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). Since debit cards are linked to cash accounts, changes or adjustments to your order can result in multiple pending transactions on your account. We do not assume responsibility for loss or inconvenience due to held funds.

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