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This introduction to the business will provide you with information about the difference European Body Art (EBA) systems and their operators make in the world of airbrush tattoos and why you should confidently do business with us.

By now you are most likely convinced that airbrush tattoos are a great business idea but probably wonder how to make it a successful and profitable business. So why would you consider EBA? The bottom line is that EBA is reputable for designing the most lucrative systems in the world with the highest ROI and the highest customer/operator satisfaction rate.
Why do 98% of EBA system owners succeed with EBA systems? Is it the product, the training or the customer support? The fact is that it is a combination of these and many other different factors with which we strive to stay on the forefront. Buying an excellent product will not guarantee you a profitable and growing business. Therefore, our goal is not only to put entrepreneurs in a successful business, but also making sure that they stay successful. Because of the way we design our systems and because of the focus we put on your future success, you will be able to charge more for your airbrush tattoo services, work more efficiently, grow your business faster, keep your costs at the lowest and consequently make more than you would using any other systems on the market. Many of our customers reach $2,000 in one day or charge $600 per private event while other businesses barely make their rents.  So what will set your business apart from the rest by choosing EBA?……To find out more read the” 9 IMORTANT FACTS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EBA THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BUSINESS A SUCCESS”


We constantly test our systems and products at different locations. Manufacturing and sales are not the only professions in which we engage. Our business depends on your success therefore it is our primary goal to provide you with proven products, systems and services. EBA systems and products are constantly undergoing extensive testing by our employees and team members at water parks, amusement parks, party events, sport stadiums, mall locations, etc. Based on this experience we have the ability to always present you with a reliable expert opinion on what systems and products would work the best for your business venue. Did you know that over 2000 entrepreneurs worldwide use and trust EBA airbrush tattoo systems and products?

We provide complete business systems not just individual products as seen inside average “airbrush tattoo kits” elsewhere. Buying an EBA complete system will allow you to focus on how to make more money with your business not how to assemble your products into a system.

EBA’s complete airbrush tattoo systems are designed to provide you with a proven business module that will fit your business venue. Traditional so called “packages” or “kits” sold elsewhere in the market consist of individual products such as stencils, equipment and displays. It is then in the hands of your business to make these products work as a business entity or a system. EBA’s “Plus" complete airbrush tattoo systems go beyond supplying you with just individual products. We provide complete business systems and solutions. Each system is designed to look and function completely independently based on the business in which you operate. In addition to stencils, paints, displays, accessories, products and equipment we turn our systems into COMPLETE BUSINESS SYSTEMS by providing you with the following:

  • Display stands to support your displays
  • Carts and portable stations to keep your operation looking professional and organized
  • Storage space to keep your equipment and supplies in place
  • Extraordinary presentation to bring customers to your business
  • Custom graphics, signage and stencils to fit your business theme
  • New and exclusive products to keep your business always growing
  • Industry’s best training, customer support and reward programs to ensure your success

EBA offers professional training as well as customer incentive and warranty programs to keep business expenses at their lowest. Professional training is essential for your success while getting special offers and prices will help you plan better.

With EBA system you will receive a professional DVD which includes training, troubleshooting, maintenance and marketing material. Furthermore, EBA offers in house training, on site assistance and ongoing customer support over the phone to avoid unexpected and costly expenses.

EBA Club and Alliance programs will provide you with prices and services not available to non members. Apart form many other benefits you will be able to save up to 50% on your orders and reorders, receive special offers and discounts and be the first to find out about EBA new products and innovations.

Lastly, EBA offers the industry’s best warranty and maintenance programs.  For instance, our airbrushes come with 5 years manufacturing warranty and free yearly maintenance check.

 EBA manufactures the finest quality paint. Using quality paint is one of the crucial aspects of your business by not only providing your customers with quality tattoos but also retaining these customers.  Every year EnduraColor is trusted by over 100 of the busiest water parks around the globe that depend on local clientele for returning business. Can testing for the world’s finest airbrush tattoo paint get any more challenging?

● Performance at your fingertips             ● Get more tattoos out of your bottle
EBA EnduraColor is tested daily by over 100 of the busiest water parks around the globe. This is a true test of quality, longevity and safety that no others can claim. Although EnduraColor can last up to 2 weeks on certain types of skin and body parts it is save and professional to claim an average of 3-7 days.
EnuraColor will provide your business with the following benefits:

  • SAVE MORE. Unlike water based paints or other highly diluted paints where more layers must be applied to achieve the right shade EnduraColor has an excellent coverage. Use only a small amount of paint to create incredibly vibrant colors. Use less paint. Get more tattoos out of your bottle. Save more money.
  • MAKE MORE. EnduraColor dries right away allowing you to move from one customer to another quicker and from one color to another without smudging the paint. Water based paints tend to take longer to dry.  
  • CREATE UNLIMITED COLORS AND SHADES EnduraColor has an amazing ability to blend colors directly on the skin to create hundreds of other colors and shades. This means that you do not have to carry all colors and dozens of airbrushes.
  • SAFE. SAFE. SAFE. All ingredients are approved by FDA and are of the highest cosmetic grade. Only pharmaceutical grade alcohol is used in the paint, the same alcohol that is used by doctors and in other products such as soaps and perfumes. EBA hired a professional company to conduct a skin patch test where 50 random individuals skin tested the paint.
  • USE WITH AIRBRUSHES OR COLOR CHANGERS. Our paint is compatible with bottom and top feed airbrushes and works great with color changers as well.
  • EXPERIENCE REALISTIC COLORS. EnduraColor is made with a realistic and vibrant appearance in mind.
  • LESS CLOGGING. With EnduraColor you will experience less clogging and more spraying time.
  • CREATE FAST GLITTER TATTOOS. No more messy adhesives! Simply apply airbrush tattoo, add glitter on top of it and sprinkle with ProEndura clear coat to quickly create beautiful glitter tattoos. Charging $1-2 more per design is recommended.
  • APPLY METALLIC AND GLOW EFFECTS. EBA newest airbrush tattoo paints include MetalInks and GlowFX. MetalInks (also called metallic airbrush tattoo paint) allow you to create astonishing and water proof metallic and glitter effects at a fraction of a time. No more messy adhesives or glitter powders!  Additionally, GlowFx colors will glow under the black light while showing as pastel colors under the regular light.
  • PRO ENDURA- THE CLEAR COAT EBAs exclusive ProEndura is designed to make your business more profitable.  ProEndura is designed to increase the wear resistance of airbrush tattoos. It is also an imperative tool in creating glitter tattoos without the use of messy adhesives. ProEndura uses only FDA approved ingredients and it is the only skin safe and tested clear coat available on the market.

EBA customizes to fit your business needs and to make your business more marketable. This includes custom stencils, custom graphics, custom signage, website assistance, business card printing and design, promotional material, and more. Attractive signage and professional presentation means that you will get noticed. EBA owns and operates professional sign making equipment to provide you with attractive yet affordable signs and displays. We use in house graphic designers to turn your ideas into attractive signs or custom stencils. As a Club member you will receive 50 % off on all promotional signs and banners.

We provide exclusive and licensed designs with a higher retail value. EBA’s exclusive collection of designs and industry only licensed designs sell for more bringing you more profits than any other stencil designs on the market. EBA’s Warner Bros collection is the only licensed airbrush tattoo collection in the world-that says it all……You can bet your money on us!

EBA offers an exclusive line of products and constantly keeps innovating to help you stay on the forefront of the game. EBA’s patent pending products such as the Z-8 airbrush holder and the T-5 airbrush station will keep you always step ahead of your competition. At the same time EBA always innovates and redesigns to bring you the latest and most up to date products. Each year we bring new designs, innovative equipment and new ideas for businesses. Among many products, this year, EBA introduced a new line of F/X Body Art products including our revolutionary Facil Faces-the fastest and easiest airbrush face painting. Facil Faces have been already generating new profits to many of our customers while adding new dimension to their businesses. Please keep checking our website for new products that are being added regularly.

We provide the fastest and most paint efficient airbrush equipment EBA’S Six and Eight gun airbrush systems are by far the most paint efficient and fastest performing airbrush systems for body art applications.

Making more while spending less? Fairly inexpensive to purchase, extremely paint efficient to operate and fastest in applying colorful tattoos, the EBA Six gun system is the best tool for entrepreneurs who want to increase their bottom line. The fast operation of EBA Six or Eight gun system will make you more money at the end of the day than any other system on the market while the paint efficiency of switching between colors will keep saving you money. EBA’s multi gun airbrush systems will give you unlimited blending of colors to create hundreds of additional colors. You can also quickly change between colors with absolutely no paint waste as there is no flushing of the previous color and there is no drying of your paint inside the airbrushes or airbrush bottles while you are in operation. Create different shades and have more employees working at the same time to increase your profits. Finally, with our instructions the cleaning takes just a few minutes without wasting any paint.

For qualified businesses we offer financing to get you up and running when you need it.

For these businesses where time, a quick learning curve, fast and easy operation and inventory control is imperative we designed a comprehensive stencil inventory control system (patent pending).

EBA’s LamTac inventory control system is the most advanced inventory control system used by major amusement parks and businesses with employees. This system allows businesses to cut down on training time, increase the quality of airbrush tattoos and increase the speed of the operation while monitoring the sales of each employee.
EBA LamTac inventory control is the only inventory control that will allow you to track your sales, monitor your inventory and alert you when stock is getting low. Now you can put your energy into growing your business rather then watching over the shoulder of your employees.



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